Why we loved Zootopia

What we loved about Zootopia

I will fondly remember 2016, as the year that Disney put out one of their best films Zootopia. Now normally it’s an expectation that anything Pixar works on, is crystal clear in characterization, attention to detail of the highest order, gorgeous animation and all that, however this time it’s definitely a winner. Normally people consider Disney to be a kind of a black sheep in the world of high-tech animation, but this definitely shatters that perception. Here is a list of the most outstanding things we loved about Zootopia.

It tackles modern issues head-on. The narrative confronts our present-day moral issues straight up. Racism and prejudice are dealt with in a comical way in such a manner that even kids will understand. It also deals with a growing modern problem- corruption. Do expect that your kids will ask you about this, and that is a great thing, it’s the first step to moving away from an admittedly very fractious state of world affairs. It also, directly makes a statement about the expectations held about the modern society, especially our own where the assumption is made that we all live together in harmony. As the lead character Nick Wilde says- “We don’t”

It is eye candy, and definitely a tip of the hat to the furry fandom. Children will love the characters immensely, and for furries it offers fresh inspiration. The film, as far as I can tell, is a definite hit amongst all furries. By some small measure I am sure this will lead more people on a path to discovery of animation, and onto furry fandom. It can stand on its own, by virtue of the fact that it also deals with items mentioned in the previous point, as a non-biased, “clean” introduction to the world of anthropomorphic animals, which as we know is the core of furry fandom.

Something for everyone. Every one of us can identify with one of the lead characters, it is a film true to the spirit of humanity as a whole, and portrays the struggles each of us face on a daily basis. Whether it is struggling with identity, being taken seriously, or being poor and having to fend for oneself without an education, there’s something for every person who watches this film.

Lots of comedy. One of the funniest scenes has to be that of the sloths employed in the DMV (Department of Mamillian Vehicles). Everyone who has a vehicle can relate to this. It even finds a way to hilariously tip the hat to films such as “The Godfather” and “China Town”.

Conclusion– If you are going to see only one film this year, make it Zootopia. Take the kids along, your partner, your mom and dad, and have fun.


RANDALL whom is also incidentally known as Sonic2k, is the biggest Sonic The Hedgehog fan in the southern hemisphere. He loves all things SEGA/Sonic, Pixar and furries.