A new direction for Anthroculture

Back in June 2016, I had the idea to start a website for the South African furry fandom. It was something that I had wanted to do for years, and when it finally went live it had a clear mission:

This site exists to showcase and celebrate the creativity, energy and positivity in the South African Anthropomorphic-interest community – broadly referred to as the “Furry Fandom”.

For a while it worked out pretty well – the site started getting regular contributions from local artists and writers, and I was able to conduct a few in-depth interviews with South African furs, on topics ranging from fursuit construction to comics.

Around the same time, ArtyLoop started up his own furry media project: Furry Times, a professionally designed and typeset fan magazine, with the same focus on South African events and personalities. We’ve been working together pretty much since then, doing the same thing in different media.

In September 2016, everything changed. My situation meant that I couldn’t really continue with Anthroculture work – updates to the site slowed down, then stopped. ArtyLoop managed to get the first issue of Furry Times out that month, and then suffered the same fate. Neither project would see an update until almost two years later.

In April 2018 (and quite serendipitously) both our situations changed for the better. I had quit my full-time job, and ArtyLoop had managed to return to making the Furry Times magazine. It would still take a few months before I was ready to re-join the fray, and that all came to a head in July this year.

A new opportunity for collaboration presented itself: ArtyLoop wanted to re-brand the Furry Times magazine, and I wanted to get back into doing online content. We agreed to merge the two projects under one brand, and that brings us to today!

Anthroculture is a fan-funded furry magazine, produced by and for the global furry community.

I will head up the web and social side of things, with ArtyLoop taking charge of the efforts around the magazine. We’re building up to our first issue under the new brand, which will release on 29 October 2018 as Issue #004. Our hope is to do these once every 3 months, and then eventually monthly.

In the coming weeks we will be open for submissions, and are working towards getting a Patreon page set up in time for the next magazine. Fan contributions of all kinds will be welcome! The submission process is up on our website, here: https://anthroculture.net/contribute/

A black-and-purple dragon hailing from South Africa, Tetsudra's been an active participant in the fandom since 2007. His main responsibility here are the online platforms (this blog, and the social media channels).