What is Anthroculture?

A fan-funded furry magazine, produced by and for the global furry community.

We're a group of content creators with a keen interest in the furry world. Anthroculture began in 2016, with the dream of creating a place that showcased and celebrated the spirit of creativity innate to the furry fandom. In parallel, the Furry Times magazine published several volumes, covering major events, ideas, stories and personalities in the South African furry fandom.

As of 2018, our efforts have merged under the Anthroculture banner. Over the next few years, we hope to build Anthroculture into the most popular English-language furry magazine, covering the global fandom from a local perspective.

The Core Team



A black-and-purple dragon hailing from South Africa, Tetsudra's been an active participant in the fandom since 2007. His main responsibility here are the online platforms (this blog, and the social media channels).




A critter of indeterminate species (it changes every few years!) based in South Africa. Arty's focus is the content, typesetting and promotion of the Anthroculture magazine. He's also a huge Sonic fan.

Regular Contributors




TRACE is a random American wolfdog who happened upon the SA fandom and has stuck around since. He enjoys making scribbles and throwing words together to see what sticks.