Contribute to Anthroculture

Firstly, thank you!

We’re grateful that you’d consider a contribution to the project – we’re always on the lookout for convention reports, opinion pieces, short stories, photography and visual arts.

The process to submit is very straightforward:

  1. Select a license for your work.
    1. If you’re using CC Attribution 4.0 International, you’re good to go
    2. If you have a more restrictive license, you need to accept the Anthroculture Contributor Agreement (last updated Aug 2018)
  2. Email your work to us, including:
    1. Subject line: Anthroculture Submission
    2. The content, attached to the email
    3. What license you’re using
    4. How you’d like to be credited (name, link to a profile, etc)
    5. The best way to get in touch with you (email, Telegram, Skype, etc)
    6. Send it to: submit [at] 

We regularly review incoming submissions as part of planning our issues. If we need anything else from you, we’ll get in touch. Note that we’re operating with a skeleton crew and may not be able to respond to all the emails we receive.